What Are the Right Steps to Become a Pilot?

 Becoming a pilot takes years of training and practice to get your pilot license. But it's not something that is impossible to achieve if you know the right process. You can start by getting yourself trained from the best pilot training institute in India if you have already done the required preparation.

Let’s look at the right process of becoming a pilot from the beginning. This should help a lot of people who are struggling with the process.


The first requirement is having your education completed with the minimum required percentage. You will only be eligible to enter a flight school if you have cleared these minimum education requirements.


Though this is not required to become a pilot in most of the places, it can help you a lot. Getting a bachelor’s degree can be beneficial in more ways than one. Not only do you have a degree, but you will also be able to understand things much easier.

If becoming a pilot is your absolute dream, then it is best to pursue a degree in aviation. Having knowledge about the basics will make the whole process much easier. Also, there are a lot of employers who would prefer a candidate who has a degree in the field.

Flight training

In case you didn’t opt for an aviation degree in college, you can still get trained for the same from a reputed flight training institute. These institutes have certified instructors that will teach you all the ups and down of flying an aircraft. In addition to that, they will also help you prepare for getting your pilot license.

Flight school

Once you have finished your training from an institute, it's time to enroll in a flight school. This is necessary since one of the requirements for getting a pilot license includes you having a certain number of flight hours.

Flight school can help you increase the number of flying hours significantly. You will be able to fly planes more often if you talk to the trainer in the school.


Another necessary requirement for getting your pilot license includes you to get a medical certificate. Before getting the certificate, you will need to apply for the same. To begin your flying training, you need to get at least a class II medical examination. This will only be eligible if the medical certificate is certified by a DGCA approved doctor.

If you want to get a commercial private license, commonly known as CPL, then you need to clear the class I medical examination as well. If you are unable to get these certificates, you won’t be able to exercise any privileges that come with flying licenses.

Student Pilot License

Once you have cleared your medical examination and have the certificate, you are eligible to apply for a student pilot license. Having a student pilot license will allow you to fly planes with less restriction and gain your hours towards getting a full-time pilot license.

Make sure you have an excellent grasp of English to become successful as a student pilot. You should be able to read, write and understand English which is absolutely necessary when you are handling radio calls from other pilots and ground control.

If you are not fluent in this aspect, it will get harder to get your pilot license. It is suggested that you should improve your English from various means if you really want to get your pilot license. These things are necessary to clear Pilot training in India eligibility requirements if you want to become a pilot.

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